Sunday, 8 October 2017

Students Presentations - Festival of Science and Art.

Dear Students,

Please start thinking about the presentation on a chosen biological subject (by yourself).


1. Presentation is based on the English Book (Biology) or other Polish Science Books (e.g. Prószyński i s-ka) from our Library or the scientific magazine like Wiedza i Życie or Świat Nauki.

2. 15 -20 slides

3. Vocabulary (from the presentation) at least 5 sentences must be put in the document:

4. First slide: (Title, Name and surname)

5. Second slide: (Content)

6. The next slides: (if the text comes form somewhere put the link at the bottom of the slide)
If the picture used in a slide comes form the internet, put a link on it or put the following number on the photo and then at the last slide (Bibliography) put the links.

7. Last slide: Bibliography. According to the example:
Name(s) - initials.
webpages as links e.g.

The best presentations will be chosen for the Science and Art Festival and will be graded additionally by 6. It will be done in May 2018.

Fungi - their biology. Exhibition of fungi.

Tydzień Języków Obcych 16-20.10.2017

Foreign Language Week

All students of Lower Secondary Classes are welcome to take part in Reading for the youngest students from our school.

What to do?

1. Ask the teacher classes I-III when it would be possible to come and read some stories (15 min. at least) for students from classes I-III.
2. Take a book and with a company go to the class.
3. Take some photos and send them to me.

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